The Nigerian Hardware Ecosystem Map

The Hardware Ecosystem Map is an online marketplace and Platform that connects indigenous hardware, engineering and manufacturing companies in Nigeria with customers and end-users. This platform enables customers and end-users anywhere in the country and beyond to easily find and connect with indigenous hardware companies in Nigeria.

Customers will be able to access the services and products of manufacturers anywhere in Nigeria. This platform will also make the services and products of engineering, manufacturing and hardware companies in Nigeria visible to customers everywhere. This mapping project is implemented by Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) Aba and supported by COVID-19 Action Local Production Local Solutions funded by UK Aid (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, FCDO).


Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC)

Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) is a solar powered STEM Centre, Nigeria’s first Makerspace (Engineering Tech Hub) and Hardware Startup Incubator. Clintonel provides training, mentoring and equipment for young people to create engineering innovations, build indigenous products and start up technology businesses.

In an effort to build and support the Nigerian hardware ecosystem, Clintonel started Hardware Nigeria Community (HNC) – a national network of Nigerian inventors, engineers, makers, investors and hardware entrepreneurs working to build hardware products and businesses in Nigeria.

Clintonel Innovation Center is the convener of Hardware Convention – an annual national conference that brings together stakeholders in the Nigerian hardware (engineering) ecosystem.The Hardware Ecosystem Map was birthed at the Hardware Convention 2021.

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COVID-19 Action Local Production Local Solutions (LPLS)

COVID-19 Action Local Production Local Solutions (LPLS) was designed to address big supply chain challenges by crowdsourcing and mapping innovative responses dealing with the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other unavailable goods.

Since April 2020, the initiative has launched a series of open calls to surface how organisations and grassroots innovators across Africa and South Asia have pivoted in local production and novel approaches to meet community needs.

The programme provides identified social entrepreneurs financial and technical assistance to scale their impact. The COVID-19 Action Programme, funded by UK Aid (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, FCDO), aims to build a technology and innovation pipeline to support action related to the COVID-19 pandemic across key thematic areas of data, resilient health, and local production.

To read more about the LPLS program. click here: Local Production Local Solution (LPLS).